Friday, February 20, 2009

The Car of my Choice

I have never liked the shape of minivans. They are neither sedans, nor SUVs. I like big muscle cars. Or sleek sport cars. Minivans remind me of lizards. I hate lizards.

So, this past weekend when we went car shopping, I did not want a minivan. The sedans were not big enough for a family with/who is planning to have more than 2 kids, and the SUVs did not look safe. Trust me, I tried hard to convince myself that they are safe, but if one of my kids has to sit in the third row, I would feel guilty sitting in the driver's seat with all the airbags around me.

Finally when we looked at a minivan, I understood. This was what we needed, if I wanted to have more than the two kids I have now. I looked at the SUVs, I looked at the sporty cars, and realized I would have to wait. For now I am a mom, and no other car looks better than a minivan.