Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dolls in the Dollhouse

I ask Dimples to let me have five minutes to myself and to do something on her own.

She wants to make a card for Papa, and needs my help spelling 'Papa'.

Find something else to do please.

Making a puzzle, playing with her dolls, coloring or taking pictures all require me to be there with her, according to her.

I suggest she plays with her dollhouse. She does not have dolls for the dollhouse, she complains. She can use any of the 20 plus dolls she has, I advise. She looks excited, and goes away. I sigh in relief.

She comes back after three minutes, jumping in delight. 'Mama, look! I was playing with my dollhouse. Look, the babies are sleeping, and the Mama is watching TV.'
You might not see, but both Dora and the naked baby are sleeping on beds. Mama is all dressed up, with her hair done, sitting in front of a tiny TV, while the house looks like a mess.

I was embarrassed! That is an exaggeration, I try comforting myself. I don't look half as good sitting in front of the TV.

A big hug, and extra time to spend with Dimples.


  1. Is that you, Cinderella?

    Looks like you thwarted the Fairy Godmother and got to keep your dress.

    No worries, your preschool stepmother will fix that. :)

  2. LOL! I have no doubt she will.

  3. Don't you hate it when they do that?! Nothing like seeing yourself through your child's eyes to make you feel guilty : )

  4. THAT is hysterical!!! Do kids ever draw pics or act out all the work mommies do? NEVER! But you lay down for 5 minutes, and...

    you know the rest.

  5. Thanks ck, Kathy B, and Gibby. As a newbie in the blogosphere, I highly appreciate your comments.

    Thanks for my daily laughs, all of you.

  6. Soooooooo funny. I like you.

  7. They tell all of our secrets, don't they?