Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Note to Self (and other moms out there):

Do NOT ignore when you hear Dimples (or your older kid) yelling, 'Thing 2 (insert your younger kid's name) is not listening to me!'

Yes, you hear these words a LOT, but that does not mean you can pretend you did not hear the girl while you are busy laughing at a post on your favorite blog. Because you might still be laughing when a tiny thing quietly comes to pull at your arm while you are trying to maneuver the mouse- you have not looked at her yet. But once you give up the fight between her tugging at your sleeve and your determination to stay on the computer, you will not be laughing anymore.

What I learned from the experience:

Thing 2 was not giving back the Black Marker to her elder sis.

I should never ever ignore a 'Mamaaaaaa'

Thing 2 probably overheard me asking her Dad to keep a goatee. I appreciate her strong desire to please me, despite her being a girl, and so little. Her dad should learn something from her!

Thing 2 is always ready to strike a pose when I take out the camera.

Written on her shirt are these words: Good things come in small packages.

Thing is right. My little Thing 2!


  1. Oh no!

    I hope that wasn't the first time she got to wear that shirt.

    That's always how it happens at my house. First time with a cute shirt - might as well just toss it in the trash before putting it on my kid and getting attached to it.

  2. So funny! OK, so funny because for once that is not my laundry pile!

  3. You've clearly pissed off the laundry gods. For penanace you must drink wine and watch crappy tv. Order will be restored in the morning...