Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I hereby vocitate . . .

I have gotten used to being a Mom of two. Which must be the reason why I adopted two instead of one word, when I went to Save the words.

I starrify* (meaning to decorate with stars) Mommy Knows for this cool idea. Ink, consider yourself starrified as well for your contribution to this fun cause of adopting these poor, dictionary-rejected words. Let me warn all others though, before you get all excited/butt-psyched* and Pitt-Joliefied to go adopting - it is a little freaky. When the words call out, 'Hey!' 'Over here' and 'Pick me!' it is difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.

But once I did concentrate, I liked vocitate which means to name, or call. She sounded and looked strong yet lovable. So, I adopted her. Then as I was ready to leave the site, I stumbled upon ictuate. It gave me an itchy feeling. And on looking up its meaning, I found out why. It means to repeat, often excessively. I had to adopt ictuate. It reminded me of the itch I get in my hands to pull my hair, and the itch in my throat to scream when Thing 1 repeatedly kicks on the boingy door stopper for instance. Or when she keeps asking for something I've told her she cannot have, repeatedly. Icuate was born for me to adopt. It kept calling me ictuatedly- I had to adopt her. But I don't like her very much.

I like vocitate. I can use it to give names to the writers and blogs I like. For instance:

I hereby vocitate badmommymoments the most fun-teresting or even fun-terest-ic mom blog.

I hereby vocitate Kathy B of the world according to me the Coolest Mom.

I hereby vocitate Lost in subarban Bliss the GPS for moms.

And so on.

I can have a button made like a certificate, and give it to the blogs, or posts I like. I need to find someone to make me a button.

And Ink, lets have a play date for vocitate and starrify. Ictuate won't go. She is grounded.

To take part in this cause:

1. Go to Save the Words.
2. Announce your word and its meaning on your blog. Use it as often as possible for the rest of your blogging life!
3. Link back to the person/blogger who memed you, and use their word in your post.
4. Choose 6 bloggers to tag and announce them in your blog.

starrify* (Ink's word), butt-psyched (ck's word)


  1. I'm so proud of you Mom-I-Am! Ink posted that and I immediately curled up into the fetal position. Why is it that stuff gets me so stressed! So I have decided to adopt the words that you all are adopting. I even used starrify on CK's blog the other day! Vocitate is harder to remember, but I'm up for the challenge!

    And thanks for calling me cool! I get called a lot of things and cool is NOT one of them :)

  2. Wait! Could I have conjugated it into a verb?? Could I have said thanks for vocitating me cool?!

    Where's Ink? If she's busy, then somebody run and get Evenshine... :)

  3. You sure can thank me for vocitating you cool,Kathy B. But then I would say, the pleasure is mine :)

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  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the PC phrase be "before you get all...-'Brangelinafied'- to go adopting..."

    Kudos on adopting two words!

  6. That is totally cool. You are going to become quite the wordsmith.

  7. Thanks faemom :)
    And tlc, potatoe potAto, its one and the same thing. Pitt-Joliefied sounds jollier doesn't it?

  8. OMG, I think I ictuated on my blog post today. (Did I use that right? I know she's grounded and all, but I don't want to misuse her...)

    And I must say, I've never been vocitated before, and I like it! Thanks, Mom-I-Am!

    I'm off to adopt a word. I would hate for one not to have a home.

  9. Thanks, Mom-I-Am! (Or do you prefer ymk?) Either way, I think I might have to find a way to use fun-teresting or fun-terest-ic in the description of my blog.

  10. Hooray! Nice work! Consider yourself starrified, too! And...I'm still laughing about this: "And Ink, lets have a play date for vocitate and starrify. Ictuate won't go. She is grounded." So funny...

  11. LOL. Loving the lesson on new words here!!!!!

    Thank you for coming by awhile back. I have been slow with my catch up!!!!!

  12. Thanks all. And ck: mom-i-am or ymK, I am fine with either :)