Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are you smarter than a 4-year-old?- (Loser edition)

She is going through a phase where she has to be in the front, when we are coming down the stairs, going up the stairs, walking towards the car, or anywhere. I hope its a phase that will pass.

So, as I was coming downstairs, she told me to stop and wait for her to catch up.

I stopped and waited.

She went ahead of me. I followed.

She reached the last step first, because well, she was in front of me.

'I win! You lose, Mama. But its okay to lose,' she declared.

I smiled, jumping on the opportunity to teach a thing or two about life,'Yes the important thing is that we try, and never give up. Its okay to lose sometimes.'

'Yes, but you lose. And its okay to lose.'

'And it makes me happy when you win,' I smiled radiating with motherly love.

'And it makes me happy when you lose,' she laughed deviously.

And as the little devil ran to me for a hug, I hugged her right back. So what if I had just been punk'd by a 4 year-old.


  1. LOL! my grand niece is just like that! those four year olds are smarter than we give them credit for.

  2. They are much smarter than we give them credit for!! Prepare to be routinely punk'd from here forward :) This was your initiation.

  3. Punk'd! I love it. My 5-year-old has been doing this for over a year now, so if it's a phase (and I'm sure it is), it's a loooong one. Everything is a competition, and it's all set up to make me the loser.

  4. My 4 year-old loves that game. "Wait for me! Wait for me!" and then as soon as I wait it turns into a race as she flies past me. But help us all if I make it to the top of the stairs first...

  5. That's really cute. The girls do that with each other and I have tried to teach them that it's ok lose. And not to gloat so much when you win. Because, next time, you may lose!

  6. HAHAHHAHAHH!!! That story made my whole day!! 4 yr olds are THE BEST!

  7. it really made my day too!! 4 year olds are great, but this 4 year old is my favorite :-)

  8. "It makes me happy when you lose" HA!! That's so funny. Gotta give the girl props for honesty!

  9. Let me tell you...Ashton Kutcher has nothing on a 4 year old.


    Hugs and Mocha,

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  11. Very, very cute. I'm waiting for my 3-yr-old to one day clue in on the winner vs loser concept. When he gets to the top of the stairs, he shouts "I'm the winner!" and everyone else is celebrated as the "second winner", "fird winner" and so on. I hope I will be as gracious a "loser" as yourself when the inevitable happens.

  12. Oh are you in for it with her. I can just see all the different phases she will go through. She is going to keep you guys on your toes. Worth every gray hair.

  13. Love it! It's so great for her to be able to say "It's okay to lose" because we're always saying that around here with our uber-competitive boys. :)

  14. I don't know what I enjoyed more...reading your post or the comments. I have to agree with your fans, though. Kids are brilliant. Almost too much so. Look out world, you are going to have your hands full! :)


  15. So cute, and smart. And they just get smarter and smarter, as we get older and older. I don't know about you, but if the things my kids pull is any indication of the teenage years, I am screwed.

    (But they're just so cute!)

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  17. hahaha yes losing is winning when it comes to losing to your kids... it makes the relationship the strongest and the sweetest :)

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  18. Cute story.

    Happy Satursday SITS Sharefest!!!! :)

  19. Soon Gibby!! Thanks for asking :)

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  21. I have to agree with your fans, though. Kids are brilliant. Almost too much so.

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