Monday, April 13, 2009


Dimples was little. We were visiting family. The other girl was older than Dimples. They were given something to eat (cereal or something) and the older girl finished first and declared, 'I win!'

We clapped and smiled. (trying to remember if this was announced a competition. No, it wasn't.)

'I'm a winner. She lost. She is a loser.' We stopped smiling. Hubby would have punched the older girl, if only she was older enough. And also if she was not a girl. Minor details.

We tried explaining to her that when Dimples finishes her cereal, she would be a winner too. 'No, she lost. She is a loser.'

I would like to get a Vera Bradley bag one day. I love the colors, the prints, but I don't like the prices for bags that are now made in China instead of USA. I mean I can buy similar bags for much less somewhere else. But I would like to get a Vera Bradley. So I entered for a giveaway last fall for their Puccini Morgan. The Vera Bradley retailer near my place is never busy when I go there, so I felt confident that I would win this bag. (Each retailer could give away one bag)

Finally the day came when the winner was to be announced. I did not receive any phone call. The day was over.

I did not win the bag. Someone else did. They were the winner. I was a loser.


Three Bay B Chics and Hot Caramel Mocha recently had a Chic Chat giveaway. Other bloggers like Kathy B from the world according to me, Grand Pooba, and Optimistic Cynicism also participated, put up vlogs, and made us laugh and think. It was great fun to watch them talk about blogging, no doubt about it.

But I also entered for the fabulous giveaway, and I knew I would win.

But I didn't. These fabulous ladies did. They are the winners. I am a loser.

Now if it were Dimples in my place (who had entered this giveaway and lost) I could have said to her:

It's Okay.

There were a lot of other people who entered the giveaway, you were not the only one.

You were not the only one who wanted the prizes.

Everyone cannot win.

You will win next time.

But its me who lost. And I know there were a lot of other people who entered the giveaway. And I know that I wasn't the only one who wanted the prizes. And I know that everyone could not have won. And I know that I did not win this time. But I wanted to. Damnit.

Dimples is a better loser than me. I whine about losing, which makes me a bigger loser. And then I whine in front of the winners, which makes me the biggest loser. Shame on me.

(Congratulations to the winners, and good job Three Bay B Chicks, Hot Caramel Mocha, the world according to me, grand Pooba, and Optimistic Cynicism. I kid.)

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  1. Why am I ROFL at you? Why? The tears are just flowing down my eyes.

    4th place really does suck:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. I feel your pain... I SO wanted that "Mommy is blogging" t-shirt. Nice to hear you're keeping it real. I totally hate losing, too.

    Who is that Random Integer Chooser anyway, and where can I find him?

  3. I made the video and nearly died from agonizing over it and I didn't get a t-shirt either!! What's up with us?!

  4. You can make a "Mommy is blogging" shirt at home with iron on transfer paper. Type it up it a font you like, print it on the transfer paper, then iron it on a shirt. No one will have to know that you didn't win it. Well, except for us losers.

    Now that I think of it, I think I might make one of my own. Wish I could make a Vera Bradley bag...

  5. Kathy B- I feel for you!
    tlc - thanks. Lemme now if you come up with ways to make a Vera Bradley
    Lori - Lets find that Random Integer Chooser and ...
    and Stesha - you laugh at our pain? tsk tsk.

  6. If I were you, I would not play the daily lottery. Think of what it would do to your psyche! :)

    P.S. I didn't win, either. Snap.

  7. P.S.S. I am LOVING the new look!

  8. Thanks Gibby. (for the advice and loving the look, and becoming a follower)