Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Black Eyed Peas make a song for my kid

Boom Boom Boom Gotta get-get!

Boom Boom Boom Gotta get-get!

Hubby and I were dancing (read shaking, moving, rocking but NOT dancing) to this song in the car, on our way to pick Dimples from her grandma's. Since I try not to listen to most songs with Dimples in the car, and since I tell myself that its okay to listen to them with Giggles as she doesn't understand the lyrics yet, I was savoring the moment.

I looked at Giggles sitting in her car seat, and shook my head and hands insisting her to dance with us. She gave me a strange look for a minute or two, saying with her eyes 'Are you right in the head?' and I thought its for obvious reasons, anyone who sees us dancing would look at us that way.

Then she finally gave in and joined us, and she is way better than us. I wonder where these girls are getting their dancing genes from, both Dimples and Giggles. Not from us, trust me.

But in the middle of the song, I started laughing uncontrollably. Hubby was curious to know why, and I have a feeling you are too. Let me explain.

I realized Giggles had not been astounded by our nerves to actually ask her to join in our pathetic dancing attempts, but at Black Eyed Peas for making a song for her!

Boom Boom is what she calls her milk- the milk she drinks, which is my milk-you get the point. Don't ask me why. I have no idea why. All I know, is that whenever she gets hungry, she comes to me, pulls on my shirt (down or up, whatever is convenient for her) and demands, 'Boom Boom'.

I remember telling my sister that its good that she doesn't say 'milk' when she is pulling my shirt in public, and she said, 'You think Boom Boom is any better?' She had a point.

She sees me changing, she goes 'Boom Boom.'

I bend down to pick something up, and she gets a glimpse of the source, and she goes, 'Boom Boom.'

The other day I went to Victoria's Secret. Just because. And found out they were giving away a $5 coupon just for trying on their new bra. Well ofcourse I picked one up, and headed right to the dressing rooms. And as I tried it on, you guessed it right.

Giggles kept singing 'Boom Boom Boom!'

So if you are ever at Victoria's Secret (or any similar store), and you hear a kid going 'Boom Boom', I must be in the dressing room next to yours.



  1. You are hilarious. If you're not very careful your kids are going to grow up just like mine ;)

  2. Boom, Boom, Boom is my new favorite Black Eyed Peas song. I have been a fan of that group for years!

    Now that I find out that it is an interest that I share with both you (and your kids), makes it even better!


  3. Ha! That is so funny. (Wish my daughter sang that song to me for that reason...)

  4. but it is those little moments that they will remember and in the years to come they will talk and laugh about it with you.

    if not them...for sure you will!


    nice memories to have.

    I have close up and good shots of the group...they sang in Orlando for the July 4 weekend and since I had press releases I was able to get in and socialize with them.

  5. That made me laugh...out loud!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. Dee- Are yo trying to make me jealous? Because its working! Lucky you! I love their new song.

  7. That is hysterical! Man I love kids. They put everything into perspective!

  8. ROFL!! Thanks, I needed that.

  9. OH. MY. GOD.
    Ellen is on in the background right now. Her guest...Black-Eyed Peas. The song they are singing? You guessed it! How weird is that???