Monday, April 13, 2009

"I paint forms as I think them, not as I see them." Picasso.

Hello and welcome to the Art gallery of an upcoming artist, Miss Dimples. Playing with all abstract styles: cubism, neoplasticism and expressionism, here she presents some of her masterpieces. (Her Mama, being the lazy and forgetful mom that she is, had forgotten to send some of these masterpieces to the aunts and grandparents they were made for. This is her effort at redeeming herself. Mama's favorite: Carence.)

Art lessons are also available if payments are made in the form of candy.

Sun, Water, Sky by Dimples from early 2008.
Orange and Purple washable paint on paper.

Flower by Dimples from 2008
Pink and Orange washable paint on paper.

A bird suit by Dimples from 2009
Black washable non-toxic marker on paper.

House with a jelly fish by Dimples from 2009.
Green washable non-toxic marker on paper.

Rocket ship by Dimples from 2009.
Red, Green and Black washable markers on paper.

Carence by Dimples from 2009.
Non-washable black pen on paper.

What is this?
For the nose to play with.
But what is it? A carence.
What's a carence?
This is a carence. You go round and round, and put your nose here. (pointing at the dark spot which on further inspection turned out to be a slit in the paper. Perfect for a nose to fit in.)

Pretty Dinosaur by Dimples from early 2008.
Washable Orange paint on paper.

Angry Dinosaur by Dimples from early 2008
Washable Brown paint on paper.

Letters to Santa by Dimples from 2008, some time around Christmas.
Non-washable unidentified marker OR pen on green and yellow paper.

Pretty for Mama by Dimples from 2008
Non-toxic washable Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Black paint.

"I paint forms as I think them, not as I see them."

For abstract art by other famous artists, and to see how Dimples and they share brilliance in abstract techniques, check out:

Take those art lessons, and you can be famous too. No admission without candy.



    What a clever post!

    Now, the true test will come when you post the art she creates after devouring the collective admission fees.

  2. How sweet. Thanks for sharing. It's amazing their imaginations and what they see in their creations. I save a few of their "best" or should we say most "creative" in a bin to keep for always. :)

  3. I LOVE this! So cute and an awesome idea! See, I could have taken pics of all that artwork I threw out (ahem, ck!) and then I would never feel guilty, Grandma would be happy, all would be well.

    Great post for your budding Picasso!

  4. Are these available as reprints? Love the 'Bird in suit', myself.

  5. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Bird Suit. Seriously, that is some artistic title work. What a great post! It totally took me back to this thing I read online, years and years ago, from this guy who was selling his house, and instead of cleaning up or painting over the many "artworks" his kids had done on the walls, he and his wife decided to mount gallery-quality titles next to each production. It was the cutest, funniest thing. I'll have to find it for you and send it, if I can.

  6. P.S. I just remembered where I saw that thing I read. It was in Brain, Child magazine. Ever seen it?

  7. All joking aside, I love kids' artwork. I know diddly-jack-squat (that's a technical term, thank you) about art, but I love how kids don;t feel obliged to frame things according to adult conventions. And even when they try to they can't. It's beautiful.

  8. Jenny Penny- Plz send me the link if you can, that sounds like a great idea. I could use that for the 'artwork' on my walls when I sell my place.

    Sahm-I-am: First of all, nice name!:) and yeah reprints are available for candy as well.

    Kathy B, Gibby, Zeemaid and ck- Thanks :)

  9. Awesome! I think you have an artistic genius on your hands!

  10. Aww, I love this. My favs are Pretty Dinosaur and Angry Dinosaur.

  11. Too cute! I just found your site from Ink's and it is so pretty!

  12. I just came back and looked at the pics again. It really feels like an exhibit, with your placard language. Seriously, you should hold an opening and charge exorbitant prices per item! They're wonderful. I want to buy Bird in Suit.

  13. This is too cute. I just love kids art. It is so neat! Our school takes it and makes it into magnets and all kinds of things. I just love it.