Monday, April 20, 2009

Petition to Pee in Peace. Please.

Category: Human Rights

Target: All those who won't let us pee in peace.


Four years. I have forgotten how it felt to pee without any interruptions. Four years. That is how old my daughter is.

This petition has been long overdue. Reading about a mom's good shower turning bad at badmommymoments confirmed that I am not alone. Reading the comments to her description of her plight (which was great as usual. Description, not plight) showed that she is not alone. Together, us moms can make a difference.

Sign the petition and spread the word. Tell your friends, family, co-workers on phone, email, twitter, facebook, whatever medium you choose. Its us against those tiny intruders of our Pee-time.


Let us Pee in Peace.

Because you do not let us eat in peace. Or shower in peace. Or sleep in peace. Or shop, or cook, or drive in peace. Let us pee in peace. Please.

We, the Mamas/Moms/Mothers, want you to know that when you see the bathroom door closed, it means you can not come in. We want you to know that, this is not the time to show us your art, or to sing to us the new song you made up. We are not interested. Not at this time. We are peeing.

We know that you were part of our bodies once, and your kicks to our bladder sent us running to pee quite often, how can we forget. But once that cord was cut, you have your own body, we have our own. And we don't feel comfortable peeing while you watch. It is just not right.

And its difficult to keep pulling our shirts down in attempts to cover as much as possible, especially with your running commentary about the various sounds you hear while we pee and poop. And we don't want to know how many plops you heard. Its disgusting. And embarrassing.

It would be highly appreciated if you could go find something else to do while we pee. And keep your little sister (or brother) busy too. We would like to spend these few minutes not worrying about what she is eating (toilet paper?) and what she is falling into (bath tub?).

Yours sincerely,

The Undersigned

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Mama in the bathroom sign made by me, though.


  1. Can I please sign your petiton? Also, you should write a petition that allows us to pee at all. Somedays I can barely see the toilet.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Ok, that's hilarious! Give peace a chance! ;)

  3. Thanks Stesha and Ink for signing the petition. For being the first two to sign, you can print out the sign and hang it on your bathroom door.
    Yeah I have crappy giveaways. Sorry.

  4. That's going to look awesome on the door. Thanks!

  5. Yes yes and double yes. And I can speak for my hubby too, since he's the actual stay at home parent in our house hold (for now) and has often lamented about this. (Though, so not fair, I mean he could pee off the porch if he wanted too)

  6. I am signing up, too. I only wish my dog could read because he noses into the bathroom to check out my business, too. Is there no dignity left, people??

  7. Hey, I signed this peition yesterday!! Where's my comment? Seriously!!

    Oh well, I'm resigning it then!

    This post was fantastic. I'm going to turn it into a contract and have my kids sign in blood on the dotted line :)

  8. Oh, I am sooooo with you. My son is almost 4. Now that my daughter is walking, I usually get to pee with an audience of 2.

  9. Obnoxious SAHM, Court, Jenny Penny, Gibby, Kathy B and Lisa- You all can also also print out the Mama in Bathroom sign, for your Bathroom door.
    Just because I like you all.

  10. Awesome! Great post. I love it!

  11. My daughter's recently begun to read a little, so that sign JUST MIGHT WORK! On the other hand, I can kind of imagine how it would work: She'd barge in and say, "Why is there a stop sign on the door? What does disturd mean?" Oh, well. I'm printing it anyway, for posterity. Thanks!

  12. Worst thing is peeing with an audience in a public restroom. While I try to maneuver so that minimal parts of my anatomy come into contact with the pot, my little dudes are attempting to find my "pee pee". "Why are you sitting, Mommy? Why doesn't your pee pee hang out like mine, Mommy?" So there I squat, trying to fan them away, getting the stream all over the place, frantically grabbing and wiping with one hand. It's sad. Very, very sad.

  13. parentingBYdummies- I feel for you. Really I do! You also get a Mama in Bathroom sign. It won't work in public restrooms , though.
    Faemom- You get one too. Thanks :)
    Jenny Penny- Its worth a try.

  14. Gibby-you mentioned your about the cats too! Mine thinks she owns the bathroom and anyone who enters it does not hear the last of it from her!!

    Great blog/petition. Hope you don't mind I share this link! Its just to true & funny!

    A Mom's Journey

  15. This was too good. I have some bad news for you though so sit down. As they grow up they learn the boundaries of the bedroom door but can't seem to apply that to the bathroom door(even at 16)... knock! knock! knock! mom! Mom! MOM! shh, if we are quiet maybe they will lose their train of thought and go away.

  16. You've got my signature! My toddler not only wants to join me but wants to see everything that goes on and wave bye bye as I flush lol

  17. Mama in Bathroom Do Not Disturb sign for everyone who signs the petition!
    *cough* means you can print it out.
    Sorry for the crappy giveaway, but when we talk about pee and crap, what else do you expect?

  18. :-D

    I sign!!

    Very funny!!

    Hi from SITS! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    You have until Sunday, August 2 to enter my Ecostore USA giveaway! Win a $25 gift certificate!

  19. Given the fuss he raises when I shut the door, I find it easier to let my 20 month in when I go potty. I love this post. Too funny!

  20. This is a cute post! Here via SITS deep linking day!

  21. My poor mother would've signed this when I was growing up.

    I used to sit outside the bathroom door and just talk to her. She probably went in there to hide from me but apparently I wasn't letting her get away with that mess.

    I think I apologized for it later.