Friday, March 13, 2009

Quote of the Day- March 12th '09

Don't keep saying everything. . . everyday.

Said by: Thing 1, between sobs and tears.

Said to: Mom. Mama. ME.

Said why: She kicks the door stopper. (You know, those annoying things on the walls behind doors that go 'boingggg' for a long time after you have touched them?) She kicks it three or four times. She knows it annoys me.

I tell her not to do it.

She kicks a fifth time.

'Don't do it...(with her eyes on me, and a faint smile on her lips, kicks yet again) ...again.'

I stare speechless for a second.

Then I start explaining how what she did was wrong on so many levels.

Said when: As soon as I start my explanation.

(Ask, and I can post a picture of a door stopper. I wish I could post an audio clip though.)


  1. They make these things that attach onto the hinges and stop the door... you need to get some ASAP! Those boingers are the devils work and they're put there only to allow your children to push you to the edge of your sanity!

  2. "Don't keep saying everything. . . everyday." Oh, this is so great on so many levels. I think I might use it on some people today who do say too many things to me all the time. (Though I understand it must have been frustrating to hear in that situation.)

  3. See - we were right. They only PRETEND not to listen. I hate when my daughter throws things back in my face. It's even worse when she uses it in the right context. At least I can be smug when she doesn't.