Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hand-made Party game-Pin the Hat on the Cat

I know I'm obsessing over Dimples' non-pink Birthday party, but if I blog about it, somehow I convince myself that its part of the planning and working for the party. So, it takes the guilt away. Kind of.

Okay so I will make this a short one.

One of the games I am having at the party is:

Pin the Hat on the Cat

What you will need:

1/2 blue poster board

1 white poster board

1 foam board


red crayon

black crayon



some thumb pins

How to make it:

Look up a picture of the Cat in the Hat on the internet, or on your child's book. Sketch it out on the white poster board with a pencil. Color in with red crayon/pencil.

Then cut it out.

Paste it onto blue poster board, to one side like on the book cover.

Outline with black crayon. (Don't forget the whiskers)

Cut out the letters for PIN THE HAT ON THE CAT and paste them onto the blue poster board. (You could buy a stencil to do this, so your letters won't look as crooked as mine. But I think the crookedness looks Dr. Seussy. Or I comfort myself.)

Pin up the blue poster board onto the foam board.

Make a hat just like the one your Cat is wearing, and have the kids pin it up on the Cat.

Sit back, and watch your kid have fun.

You might also be interested in the party invitations. Happy planning!

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