Monday, September 7, 2009

10 not so tiny toes

I love Giggles but she has freakishly BIG feet.

Giggles is the bloggy name for my 18-month old daughter. She wears toddler size 8 shoes. To give you an idea of how freakishly big her feet are, let me tell you that my 4-year old Dimples has recently moved to size 10.

Don't get me wrong, I love Giggles. But she has BIG feet.

The morning after she was born, I remember the pediatrician coming into my room after doing my one-day-old baby's checkup in the nursery. After he told me that everything was fine with my newborn, he asked if I had any questions for him.

I asked, and I quote without any exaggeration: Are her feet too big?

Thank goodness the doctor understood that I was probably high on medication or tired from the labor and birth process, or simply not right in the head, and he did not laugh. At least not on my face.

Doctor: They are what they are, Miss ymK.

He did smile, though.

The other day Dimples asked me if she could paint Giggles' toes, and after a little convincing she made me say yes.

In a little while, Giggles came running, showing me her feet, saying 'Pity?' (Pretty)

I looked at her feet with 8 of her toes painted pink, 2 telling the tale of her squirming and making it impossible for Dimples to finish the task, and I said, 'Very pretty!'

Because when I think of the Top Ten Pretty Things in my Life, her big feet are right there close to the top.

They are pretty when she curls up her toes while she waits by the kitchen sink, as I fill up her sippy cup with water.

They are pretty when she spreads out her toes if she steps on something she considers dirty.

They are pretty when she tiptoes.

They are pretty when covered in sand.

They are pretty when covered in chalk.

They are pretty in her size 8 flip flops.

And they are pretty when she tries on other's flip flops.

And I tell her: With those pretty big feet, I mean big yet pretty feet, don't worry my dear, you are getting there.


  1. Wow...sounds like you need to get her in a swimming program! Really fast competitive swimmers all share one thing...HUGE feet! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

  2. Her feet are gorgeous!!

    Came by from SITS and now an avid follower - great blog!!

  3. Oh my gosh. They are big. Big but adorable : ) I love her name; Giggles. How clever!

  4. Those feet in the pink flip fops looks oh so lovely :-)

  5. Enjoyable post! Adorable. And I love how you illustrate with pictures at the end. Sweet feet is what I call one of my sons.

  6. How funny. :-) She has gorgeous feet!

    I thought my sons's head was way too big for about the first year...Doctor thought I was crazy. Still think he has a big head. :)

  7. Hey they're feet. Who cares about the size. Just keep being positive. My daughter has big ears and she is happy with them now.Give her confidence.

  8. She does have some awfully cute feet :)

    Fwiw, they don't look all that big to me!

  9. I love chubby baby toes so I think they're adorable. Elliot is 16 months and barely fits into a size 5 but my 17 month old niece wears a size 8 too. Me, I'm a 10 so I have to love big feet!

  10. When my daughter was born I thought her feet were big. I have big feet.

    Your daughter has gloriously lovely big feet. She will leave a large footprint in this world.

  11. Awww, and here I thought my 18-month-old was the only kiddo his age wearing size 8s! Super cute post, and what an adorable blog background you have! Stopping by from SITS this morning. Happy Wednesday to you!