Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There are Some Things Money Can't Buy- (Post-pregnancy Edition)

Some people are ungrateful, they just cannot help it. They always see the glass half-empty.

Or, maybe they are just hormonal, since they just had a baby a month ago. Who knows.

A Facebook friend's status stated:

Was so excited to fit back into my pre-pregnancy outfit, only to have my 4-year old spill grape juice on my jeans, and my 2-month old pee over my shirt.

I commented:
Detergent to wash away grape juice and pee stains: $10 (more or less)
In case stains don't go away, buying new pair of jeans and shirt: $50-100 (depending on where from)
Fitting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes: Priceless.


  1. ...a detailed story about HOW the baby peed on her shirt: Also Priceless.

  2. Still waiting to fit into my pre=preggo jeans? Long and expensive.

  3. I love your comment to your friend. What I wouldn't give to fit into pre-pregnant clothes. Never gonna happen.

  4. Did I read that right? She had a two-month old and was able to fit into pre-pregnancy pants. Either the pounds melted off her or she's lying.
    Wait, do I sound bitter and jealous?