Wednesday, August 26, 2009

'What the Hell??!!' - Wednesdays

There are too many times in one's life when one feels the need to say, 'What the hell??!!'

These moments don't necessarily happen on Wednesdays, they can happen anytime, anywhere. But since there seems to be a popular trend in keeping the title of a category to rhyme OR sound similar to OR start with the same letter as that of the day its posted, (Foto Friday, Wordless Wednesdays, Sunday Shout-outs, etc.) I thought I would be doing the trendy thing, by writing about these 'What the Hell??!!' situations on Wednesdays.

So, I don't hold any particular grudge against the day Wednesday. It just happens to start with the letter W. Sucker.

I will keep it sugar-coated the rest of the week, but on Wednesdays I will let it all out. You know how you feel bloated after eating beans, or something milk-based if you are lactose intolerant, and you HAVE to fart to feel good. And once you do, it feels sooo good. On Wednesdays, dear readers, I will fart. Or burp. Whatever helps.

So, this past Monday as I am visiting some of your blogs, and my kids are happily watching some crap on TV, and I have the living room blinds and windows open to let the kids see the beautiful day outside (keep in mind, I had no intentions of actually taking them outside. So like a bad Mom I was just tempting them), I hear voices too close to my windows for my comfort. Two big guys discussed drilling, banging and making my afternoon a nightmare for that day. They used different words, but all we care about is what they meant.

I closed the windows, pulled down the blinds. I did not want some strangers looking into my living room, and complaining about me to the AAP about how much TV I let my kids watch.

I thought that would make bad things go away. But I was naive.

After I put my 18-month old, coughing, sneezing Giggles down for her afternoon nap in the girls' bedroom upstairs, and take 4-year old Dimples in my bedroom upstairs so she does not wake little sister up, I see shadows outside my bedroom blinds. What the hell??!! How am I supposed to put a kid to sleep with two big guys hovering outside my window? Has anyone met a 4-year old recently?

'Who are those guys, Mama?'

'What are they doing there?'

'How did they get there?'

'Did they use a ladder?'

'Can they see us?'

And the creepy thing is, they probably could.

So, there goes naptime for one kid. And as if that wasn't enough, they start drilling and banging and pulling off the walls for all I could tell by the noise. A sick kid sleeping in the next room, hello!! I mean, what the hell??!! Seriously.

After a few failed attempts of trying to get Dimples to forget about the HUGE guys playing rock-climbing (for all I knew, since I did NOT get any notice from the community management about any kind of drilling and banging needed on my windows) and to ignore the LOUD noise all that drilling and banging made, I gave up. And went and grabbed my phone. No not to call anyone.To make a video of the huge guys playing peekaboo with us through my blinds.

Yeah. Let them know how it feels to have one's privacy intruded. As one of them sorta, kinda peeped inside, and caught a glimpse of me aiming the phone at them, I could almost hear him say, 'What the hell??!!'

Maybe I will share the video clip on an upcoming 'What the Hell??!!'-Wednesday. Because right now I don't know what the hell is wrong with my phone's downloading capabilities.


  1. What the hell?! Pretty much sums it up. I have noticed that when it rains it pours. Sounds like you got dumped on. BIG TIME!

  2. I hear you. That would be SO annoying. Missing naps is totally catastrophic! Geez!

  3. It is NEVER okay to lose a naptime. Never.

  4. I laughed when I saw your button, because I think I say "What the hell?" more than my kids yell "MOM!"

    And really, the nerve of those two guys. I mean, WTH????

  5. I like your new Wednesday trend. I would have pulled up the shade and said "what the hell" right in their face. Woe to the person who interrupts a nap.

  6. I think you got something going here for Wednesdays. I for one think everyone should bitch, why now wednesdays? Now, how close were you to going out and kicking those guys' asses?

  7. And I'm still wondering...."what the hell?" Did you ever find out?

  8. Personally, I think this post would have been more approriate for a WTF Friday! lol

  9. Too funny! We live in a neighborhood under construction so I'm used to a lot of noise. And I totally hear you about the four year old. I have an almost four year old. Yesterday morning she was asking me a million questions about what I taking to work for my lunch even though she could clearly see everything I was putting in my lunch bag - uhggg!

    Thanks for checking out my pics!

  10. WTH indeed....with no notices or calls, I don't think they would have lasted outside my home....Momma Bear woulda been MAD!!